Two Heads Are Better Than One


Ten feet tall and has two heads.


Timon-Toenar: his most obvious mutation is the fact that he has two heads. His earliest memories are of his fathers bakery but these are crowded out by all the brutal combat training. Timon-Toenar has been a pit fighter few several years. It’s obviously an illegal operation since they send in mutants to fight each other… most of the time. Sometimes they send in people they just don’t like.

The Fight Club was run by Slaanesh worshippers. (Slaanesh: chaos god of pain and pleasure) Slaanesh worshippers loved the violence. The events usually devolved into orgies.

Timon-Toenar is the first and only child of Simon Grimarty. T&T was a very large baby and his mother didn’t survive the birth. Simon never blamed T&T for the mothers death in fact he loved his son all the more because he was the only family he had. T&T knew no other people. His father kept him safe in their basement. Simon was a baker who did very well. His business was mainly in the morning so he spent much of his day in the basement with his son(s).

He was taken from his father when he was in his early teens. In order to make him obey, his captors often told him that they would kill his father if he didn’t do as he was told.

T&T spent years training and fighting for the Fight Club.

One of the guards released the mutants saying that the City Watch was coming and all those with mutations would be killed on sight and everybody else would be arrested, tried, and then killed. He then led the mutants through some secret tunnels under Middenheim and they all escaped into the forest. Then a large net was thrown over the mutants and they were drugged, cuffed and led into an odd large metal building. The last time T&T saw the helpful guard he was standing around amiably with some of the “people” escorting him to his new cell. The aforementioned “people” had purplish black skin with stark white hair and pointed ears.


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