The Characters are all Mutants.

They serve or at least agree with the principles of Malal the renegade chaos god that hates chaos.

The Characters and their Mutations

Felix Graystone – Mimic, Massive Intellect, Iron Hard Skin, Weapons Master

Dar Winterfield – Lion’s Head, Cats Eyes, Strong, Wound Thief

Markus Eckhardt – Weapons Master, Wound Thief, Hypnotic Gaze, Blood Substitution: Electricity

Timon-Toenar – Two Heads, Growth (10ft tall), Lucky, Massive Intellect

Play begins in Andon’s Village. Warpstone defined.

The four major chaos powers that Malal fights against: Tzeentch, Nurgle, Khorne, and Slaanesh.

There was a small description of Malal in the first edition Warhammer book. When I first saw it I didn’t give it much thought. Then years later I bought the Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness book and I marveled at the random mutation charts. I really wanted to run a game using these charts but I knew my players wouldn’t enjoy an “evil” campaign (tried that once, didn’t work out).

It was actually years before the Malal plus mutation charts came together. I was pleased with the concept as I could have the players playing “good” guys fighting chaos and use the mutation charts on their characters. Turns out they’re pleased themselves.

I recently read a description of Warhammer on a blog which said something like, “When playing Warhammer you start out thinking your playing D&D but eventually figure out your playing Call of Cthulhu.” We love the Warhammer game system but we don’t play it that way. For instance, we don’t use insanity points and I wouldn’t force a debilitating mutation on someones character. We’re playing to have fun with heroic characters, hopefully over a long period of time.

Fighting Fire with Fire

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