Call it what you will: wyrdstone, daemonrock, dark-ore, or warpstone – regardless of its name it is one of the most feared and coveted of all substances. All manner of powers are attributed to it. The ignorant and hopeful claim that it heals or transmutes lead to gold, but the great majority fear the malign powers ascribed to it. Those dreading it declare that it wreaks terrible changes on the mind and body of those near it, and that the stone is actually pure chaos.

Warpstone is a hard black stone that seems to greedily devour light. The evil dark glow of warpstone leeches the light and color from the world around it, staring directly at warpstone causes the viewers eyes to hurt and stomach to twist.

Warpstone has been most commonly linked with Morrslieb, (the second moon) for it is believed by many that Morrslieb’s erratic cycles can only be explained by the fact that it is entirely composed of warpstone.

Copied form an article titled The Accursed Element, Warpstone magazine, issue 11


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