Fighting Fire with Fire

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The currently unamed characters will start their adventures in a place known as Andon’s Village.

Preparations Nearly Prepared

The characters are nearly complete. The adventure begins on the morrow.

Felix's Journal - Chapter 1
A Journey Begins

Day 1: What an exciting day!

Raymus rounded up Dar and I and asked us to come with him to meet a new arrival. I earn my living by helping out around town, but I was a little worried as to why he would need Dar as well. The big cat is a lot of muscle for something as ‘easy’ as meeting someone. Raymus apparently suspects there might be trouble.

Well, we did find trouble, but not in the person we met. Markus is his name. A very odd fellow. He seems so nervous around anyone who doesn’t look normal. One only has to look into his glowing eyes to know he’s far from normal himself, so I don’t know why he’d have a problem with mutants. But he seems friendly enough and takes good care of his horse; That’s a bonus in my book. He also carries a very nice pistol, I think even better than my father’s! He is quite the shot as well, which was handy because of that trouble I mentioned above.

Rabbits… Dar and Raymus says they used to be Rabbits. I’ve studied a lot about chaos and fought a bit as well, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this! A whole family of rabbits mutated the same way. All turned into these horrible bug creatures. They attacked the town, and we were lucky enough to arrive just in time to stop them. No one was hurt and the town had some extra meat for a meal. Although he still appears very untrusting of our group, Markus didn’t even hesitate to help us. I think he’s going to fit in, as long as he stops getting that look on his face like he’s going to kill us all… My ferret isn’t so sure of him either. He wouldn’t do more than poke his head out while Markus was nearby.

Day 2: I thought yesterday was exciting…

Today Raymus again gathered up Dar and I, and Markus as well. Apparently Andon has some sort of mission for us. I’m surprised that Markus would be entrusted with anything yet but if Andon feels that he is trustworthy, I don’t have a problem with it.

Raymus led us up into the mountains to a path that I’d never even seen, and into a little valley where an old Monument stood. There was an obelisk carved with the story of a warrior against chaos. A Warrior who is now a demon in the service of Malal. A demon, who appeared right in front of us! He goes by the name of Dreadeye Chaosvexer. I’d heard his name from my mother before, and was in awe being in his presence. When he asked me and the others to take up arms for Malal and assist in the fight against chaos, I didn’t hesitate to say yes! I’m honored to be chosen as a warrior of Malal, and someday I hope the forces of chaos tremble in fear of my name much as they once did for this demon-warrior in front of me. I will serve Malal with my life.

What a day…

Andon just alerted me that someone is approaching. Better go see what’s up.


Dar’s Journal - Entry One

This is my mother’s idea. I don’t see the need for it myself, but she’s hell bent on me practicing my reading and writing. She said she practically had to sit on me to teach me in the first place and she’s getting too old to do that again. I’d accidentally leave this little magic journal of hers stuffed inside my mattress if I thought I could get away with it. But even if my mother was bluffing when she said she magically bound it to me, she’d make my life miserable when I came back home. My mother is a very loving, caring person, but she can be a pain in the ass when she’s pissed off. And it’s never wise to piss off a wizard, even if she is your mother. So I’ll give this journal thing a try.

I’ve been seeing a cat lady in the forest recently, watching me as I hunt. She has black fur with green stripes and she’s very fast. She seems more curious than threatening. Hopefully she’ll decide to trust me and come join the village. It’d be nice to have another cat person in town.

Nothing else unusual happened until Raymus took me and Felix out to meet someone. Since he took the two of us with him I thought there might be some fighting. But no such luck. We just met a new guy and brought him into town. His name is Markus and he seems to be alright. He’s a bit standoffish, but a lot of new people are when they first arrive. He’ll be fine once he gets to know us. He looks fairly normal, except for his glowing blue eyes. They look really cool when he has his hood pulled up.

We got back to the village just in time for some fun. A pack of big, nasty looking bugs attacked just as we arrived. We’ve been attacked by worse, but it was still a good fight. I managed to bite one of the creatures as we fought and was surprised it tasted like rabbit. After the fight it was decided that the bugs used to be rabbits. The bunny tails were kind of a giveaway. Oddly, someone decided the tails would be lucky so people started cutting them off for good luck charms. Seeing that all the mutant rabbits died I don’t know how they could be lucky, but it sounded like fun so I took one too.

Everyone started getting all worried because the bug mutations seemed to be breeding true. While I agree that it’s unusual, I’m thinking this might be a good thing. If mutants start breeding true than that means their not mutants anymore. They’re just like every other creature in the forest. While everyone else wondered off worrying about what all that might mean, I took the bugs out into the woods and gutted them. I wasn’t going to let good meat go to waste.

After I took some of the meat home and the rest to Stella, it was her turn to cook and distribute the extra food I brought in, I gathered up some mugs and headed off to my beer tub. I think everyone’s surprised about me and beer, not that I drink it but that I brew it. I guess if something isn’t physically challenging people don’t think I like doing it. And I guess they’re right most of the time. But there’s just something exciting about brewing beer, about adding different flavors without screwing it up. Anyway, I took Felix and Markus some beer and we talked and drank for a while. At one point Markus almost smiled. He liked my beer and he handled himself well in the fight. I think I’m going to like him.

The next day Raymus took the three of us off into the mountains. He was being all mysterious, more so than usual, so I knew something was up. He led us into a cave. It turned out to be a temple to Malal with carvings and a pillar with a story written into it. I wouldn’t tell Raymus this, him being a priest and all. But I don’t have much use for the gods. They’re like a bunch of powerful, giant children that fight amongst each other all the time and we’re the bugs beneath their feet that get trampled if we don’t get out of the way.

It turns out Raymus brought us here because Malal wants us to work for him. He sent Dreadeye Chaosvexer, the demon the story on the pillar was about, to recruit us. I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but if it’s a bad idea to piss off a wizard it’s an even worse idea to piss off a god. And if I have to be aligned with a god Malal isn’t so bad. At least he’s out to stop the spread of chaos. I was born looking like I do so I don’t have a problem with it. But I’ve seen how even beneficial mutations have ruined people’s lives. So I’m more than willing to do what I can to stop those who want to hurt and kill others by spreading chaos just because they find it amusing. And Dreadeye promised that helping Malal would help my friends and family as well.

Session Notes GM's Viewpoint #1

Raymus gathered Dar and Felix as he headed out of town. They met Markus in the forest and welcomed him to their village of the mutated. He accepted their invitation with much trepidation. Markus was also quite surprised that Raymus knew that he had prayed to Malal for assistance.

They arrived in Andon’s Village but Markus had no time to adjust to being surrounded by mutants before the village was attacked by a pack of mutated creatures looking for food. After the mutated creatures were defeated Dar told everybody that they tasted like rabbit. It was noted that the only part of these rabbits that was not mutated was the tails. The tails were saved and people started carrying them as good luck charms.

The following morning Raymus visits Markus and invites him to a pilgrimage/initiation ceremony that might ease a little of his agitation. Raymus also invited Dar and Felix. Once they were all together they headed into the mountains. They followed a trail into a secluded valley where they found a chaos monolith devoted to the once human now Greater Demon DreadEye ChaosVexer. After Markus read the story of DreadEye’s ascension DreadEye himself appeared. DreadEye carried with him a large book. He asked each of the new heroes to assist Malal in war against chaos. Each agreed for different reasons. As they agreed DreadEye made a notation in his book.

DreadEye alluded to a mission away from the village but that they weren’t to leave until after an upcoming incident. A couple days after their return Andon calls the whole village out. A group of mutants has come for a meeting… led by the Mushroom Man!

Session Notes GM's Viewpoint #2

Mushroom Man was able to regenerate from nearly any wound but was highly flammable. The Cat Girl that Dar befriended marked the locations of several archers hidden in the trees with pink ribbons.

Andon, the now big brain, wants the Markus, Dar, and Felix to protect a fellow Malal worshiping village way to the north called Osterwald. It is in danger from a former Malal worshiper that has turned to the worship of Khorne, the Blood God.

Konrad Lindara is the former Malal worshiper that changed from killing evil chaos mutants to killing everything. Now a worshiper of Khorne. The information given to Andon by Dreadeye didn’t include what powers Konrad has.

Felix’s father gave Markus a pistol in exchange for a promise to protect his son.

Before leaving they were sent to Underwood Outpost in the hopes of purchasing horses. Luckily they were trading pottery at the same time. An exclusive trade agreement was made with House Molari making the village a lot more money than they ever expected. People from House Kala were bidding against Molari but when were outbid decided to track the pottery to its source.

One of those trailing the wagon was interrogated by Markus. Markus seemed starved for information concerning the Grey Company. Unfortunately Randolf, the one being interrogated, had only heard of one thing about the Grey Company: “Anyone who gives the empires authorities information that leads to the arrest, capture, or execution of one of the Grey Company’s members will be given a reward of 500 gold.”

They headed north staying near the roads trying to travel quickly but remain unnoticed. As they went through area of farming communities they noticed a large fire. Before they could decide what, if anything, they should do a pack of goblins appeared. The apparent leader of the goblins shouted, “Kill them!” Then burst into flames!

Dar’s Journal - Entry Two

A mushroom man? I’ve seen more disgusting mutations, but that was one of the queerer ones. The cat lady in the forest warned us about the mushroom man. And she was right to; he and his lackeys tried to take over our village. But they turned out to be a bunch of wimps. Okay, the battle might have gone differently if Raymus hadn’t figured out that the mushroom man’s regeneration powers didn’t work against fire. And the cat lady hanging ribbons in the trees to mark the location of the archers was impressive and very helpful of course. But in the end they were still a bunch of wimps. If most of them hadn’t run away we might have had a real battle on our hands. Still, I got almost a full set of plate armor out of it, except for the helm, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Raymus took us to see Andon. Malal gave him another mutation since last I saw him. He seems okay with but I thought it was gross. His brain is now so huge that his body can’t carry it so his body’s started to waste away. I know. I know. His new mutation has given him mental powers that have greatly helped the village. But the thought of never running through the forest again or feeling the rush of battle is a nightmare.

Andon told us about another village that worships Malal and asked us to save it from a worshiper of Khorne and his warriors. It seems a guy named Konrad Lindara used to live in that village and also worshiped Malal. But something happened to him as he fought chaos. For some reason he turned evil and began worshiping Khorne. Now he and his warriors are on a killing spree. And once they destroy his home village they may well turn their eyes toward our village.

Andon was in a hurry for us to leave, be we needed horses and equipment before we could head out. So several of us took a cart load of Lixin’s pottery to the outpost to sell. We hoped we’d get enough money for the mounts and supplies we needed. Felix, his father and Shari took the wagon into the walled outpost, as they look the most human, while Markus and I waited back in the woods.

Lixin’s pottery caught the eyes of some nobles is seems. I’m not surprising as he does great work. But nobles must have more gold than sense as a couple of them, a woman and a man, began bidding for the exclusive right to buy the pottery. The woman won by offering a gold per piece of pottery. I’ve not handled much money, but I know enough about it to know that’s an insane amount. Not only that, but she tossed two of their own fancy mounts into the bargain. Needless to say, there was more than enough money for our supplies.

When Felix and company started heading back to where Markus and I were waiting we noticed they were being followed by four horsemen. When our friends reached us we told them of the horsemen and we set up our own little ambush. When the horsemen drew close I stepped out in front of them with my weapon drawn and asked what they wanted. In response they cried MUTANT and attacked.

I enjoy a good fight as much as, okay more, than most and I’ve heard far too many stories of how mutants are treated by ‘normal’ people to be too surprised by their reaction. But this was the first time anyone has actually attacked me just because I looked different. To be honest, it pissed me off. I guess I’m going to have to watch that. But it did make for a good fight. And I got a plate helm to go with my new armor.

Markus managed to keep the so called noble alive and questioned him. Turns out he was following us to find out who made the pottery. Since I doubt he was going to ask Lixin politely to make some for him, I expect he planned to kidnap him. As far as I’m concerned we should have killed him. But the others wanted to strip him and let him go so I didn’t push it. But mark my words, that nasty piece of work is going to be trouble.

Felix’s father and Shari took the wagon, the money and the extra horses back to the village while Felix, Markus and I started out on our mission. Konrad was on the move and we had to find him before he reached his village. Andon made this guy sound like a real bad ass. And he’s not alone. I hope the three of us are tough enough to take him on. If not a lot of innocent people are going to die.

First a mushroom man and now flaming goblins? The world outside our village is even stranger than I thought.

Dar’s Journal - Entry Three

I’d heard that goblins were small, evil little bastards. I mistakenly assumed that small meant weak. I will not make that mistake again. A pack of the creatures jumped us from the trees as we stopped to see what had caught fire. Their leader, some kind of spell slinger, burst into flame (that was something I’d not seen before) and sent his lackeys forward to attack. They were indeed more capable fighters than I had expected. As we fought several more goblins come out of the woods, along with four larger orcs. Markus managed to blow the flaming goblin’s brains out with one of his pistils, through the goblin’s right arm. When the orcs saw that, they ran away like cowards. The goblins might have as well, but they didn’t see it happen. We won the battle, but it was never a sure thing. All in all it was a good fight.

After we recovered from the fight we found that the goblins had set fire to a farm. The house had been completely consumed by flames and the barn was not far behind. As we watched, the four orcs that had run away earlier came out of the barn with their leader. I assumed he was their leader as he had heavier armor and wielded a nasty looking halberd. The orcs said something I couldn’t hear and pointed towards our hiding spot amongst some shrubbery. Felix took a shot at them. They rushed us and we fought them in the field by the light of the burning barn. The fight with the goblins had been tough. This fight was much more impressive. It’s the closest I’ve yet come to falling in battle. We won, but the outcome was far from certain. Damn, it was a good fight. Felix gave me a healing potion afterwards, his only one. It was impressive magic. I have the feeling we’ll need more such potions.

We did a quick search of the farm for survivors, but there were none. The orcs and goblins had been thorough. So we continued on. Eight days later we found something unusual. We found large stone slabs in a lightly wooded area and there were bodies laid out on the slabs in various stages of decay. And some of the bodies had obvious mutations. As we looked around we heard the sounds of chimes and drums coming out way. We hid ourselves and waited.

We watched a group of people enter the area carrying a body. They wore robes of various colors and some the newcomers too were mutants. It soon became obvious that this was some kind of burial site and they were laying one of their own to rest. We stepped out from our hiding place and spoke with them. They turned out to be from the village we were sent to protect. Their leader was a woman named Haleen, a priestess of Shallya. She said she’d been sent a dream that we would come to protect her village.

They lead us back to their hidden village and Haleen healed the rest of my wounds. We had only been there a couple of days when a scout reported seeing worshipers of Khorne heading towards the village. We grabbed our gear and checked it out. Their leader, I assumed it had to be Konrad Lindara, made the orc leader with the halberd look like a child with a stick. I knew this fight could well be my last, but it was going to be one hell of a great battle.

Dar’s Journal - Entry Four

We rode out to meet Konrad and whatever followers came with him. I was surprised to find there were only three in the group when we stopped to face each other from across a forest clearing. But then even one warrior is enough to slaughter an entire village if the villagers don’t know how to defend themselves. And these three were obviously of a warrior breed. One of the three had the top half of a dwarf and the lower half of a boar. One of them looked more like a creature than a person, with odd animals parts stuck together and a man’s head where a man’s head had no business being. And the last, whom I assumed was the infamous Konrad, was not a disappointment. He was big, armored and carried a damn huge two handed axe. It was the axe that drew my attention. I looked forward to prying it from his cold, dead fingers.

With a roar I charged Konrad, giving the others the opportunity to attack from range. And they took full advantage of it. The creature thing dropped first. It didn’t get the chance of do much and I’m thinking that’s a good thing. I continued to battle Konrad as Felix and Markus battled the dwarf boar and took pot shots at the big guy. I despised Konrad for turning on those who trusted him and for his disregard for the lives of others. But I had to admire his stamina. He suffered a great many wounds before he fell, but fall he did. The dwarf, not being stupid, decided to make a run for it. He tried to grab up the axe as he left, but I wasn’t about to let that happen. He managed to get away, but I wasn’t too worried about it. We’d stopped the bad guys and the dwarf wasn’t likely to try attacking the village on his own, not when he thought they could fight back. And as a bonus, Konrad had provided me with a shiny new weapon.

The two handed axe was huge, black and red in color and deadly looking. Its curved blade tapered to a sharp point on top and a much longer, thinner point on the bottom. The back of the axe formed a long jagged spike with sharpened edges and a sharpened spike topped the axe as well. There was even a sharp spike half way down the shaft. It was not a weapon designed to be subtle. I took it from Konrad’s corpse without hesitation. And then the most amazing thing happened. It spoke to me. It spoke to me in my mind, just as Andon does.

It calls itself Cavindel. It told me it was crafted by dwarves thousands of years ago. It seems it isn’t motivated by good or evil. It simply servers the one who wields it, assuming it accepts that person as its bearer. And Cavindel said that I would do. Not the most complementary of comments, but how does one argue with an axe? Cavindel also told me that it, that is he, (I have a hard time thinking of anything that speaks to me as an it) would enhance my combat skills. For now I’d find it easier to hit my opponents and I’d have some immunity to fire. And the longer we are together the more powerful his gifts to me will grow. I didn’t know if he could be trusted, but I was more than willing to take the risk.

We returned to the hidden village and they threw us a party to celebrate our victory. I was particularly impressed with the beer. I asked around until I found the woman who brewed it and we had a long conversation comparing various recipes. I lost track of Felix, but Markus wondered off with a man who had tentacles instead of arms or legs. Markus acted like he knew him.

A group of children drew everyone’s attention as they chased after a black cat with bat wings. I couldn’t blame them. I was drawn to the amazing creature as much as they were. But instead of chasing it I found a few choice pieces of fish and sat them down out of reach of the kids. It didn’t take long for the cat to find my offering. It flew down and began to eat. As a reward it allowed me to pet it.

Before it finished eating we were in for another surprise. A chaos demon appeared. This one was most attractive. The upper half of her body was that of a young woman. The lower half of her body was that of a lion. She introduced herself as Redfang. She congratulated us on a job well done. And as a reward she bestowed a gift upon each of us. Both Felix and Markus were given gifts to strengthen them in battle. My gift was more visible. I was given the ability to shift in and out of human form at will. I lost all my mutant gifts when in human form. And becoming angry could cause me to shift back to normal involuntarily. But if I was careful this new mutation would allow me to blend in with non-mutant humans.

We soon began our journey back home. We traveled mostly off the roads to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. It worked well for a while. But at one point we were traveling through the trees to pass a caravan as it slowly plodded along its way. We saw it stop as it came upon a black horse lying dead in the road. But when the guards walked up to inspect it, the horse leapt up and attacked them.

Not only was the horse not dead, it wasn’t exactly a horse. It had a single long horn like a unicorn and the sharp teeth of a carnivore. As it attacked the guards several more of the beasts attacked from out of the forest. They made short work of the guards and started eating them. Though Markus was reluctant, we attacked the beasts to save the rest of the people in the caravan. The beasts were skilled with their teeth, horns and hooves, but we managed to dispatch them.

Though I’m sure he considered us monsters as well, the caravan master thanked us for our help. Markus was again reluctant, but as we were all traveling in roughly the same direction we offered to escort them along their way. With his guards dead and possible dangers ahead, he accepted our offer. Several days later neared our village and took our leave. The caravan was close to their destination as well and should have made it safely. In gratitude the caravan master gave us 12 gold each as payment.

We arrived home without any further incidents and had yet another celebration. I expected things to return to normal, at least for a while, but it wasn’t meant to be. A couple of days later a monstrous storm blew in. It was the worst storm we’d ever seen. It lasted most of the night, but it finally blew itself out shortly before dawn. We’d gotten very little sleep when Andon woke us up. He told us a ship had crashed nearby in the forest.

I thought Andon’s big brain must have finally popped a cog, but he was right. When we went to investigate we found a path of destroyed trees leading to a crashed ship that had finally come to rest against the base of a mountain. The ship appeared to be made of solid metal, dark silver in color, and it lacked any type of sails, though they might have been broken off as it crashed. The only thing we could see on the ship besides its metal hull was some kind of odd colored goo dripping off its sides.

Dar’s Journal - Entry Five

I’d never seen a ship before. I’d heard stories and I’d seen a few sketches, but I’d never seen one in person. Still, when I thought of a ship I thought of a large wooden structure with masts and billowing sails. Other than its general shape, this vessel wasn’t exactly what I was expecting a ship to look like. It had the right general shape, but it was made of dark, silvery metal. There wasn’t a mast or billowing sail to be seen. And it was one damn huge chunk of metal, much larger than any ship I’d ever heard tell of. Of course, I hadn’t expecting the first ship I encountered to have crash landed into a forest either. So what did I know?

Raymus, Felix, Markus and I were still staring in awe of the massive metal ship when we noticed something moving. What we thought was some kind of blue goo dripping off the side of the ship turned out to be some kind of creatures. They’re rather difficult to describe. They were blue, kind of dog like in shape with sleek skin and tentacles sprouting from various parts of their bodies. They were strange looking, but I found them oddly appealing. They were rather like big, blue, tentacled puppies. I had hoped that they might be friendly. They would have made cute guard dogs for the village. But it wasn’t meant to be.

They dropped off the ship and seemed to be attacking anything nearby. A couple of them attacked a bush. The rest noticed us and charged our direction. I don’t know if they thought we were food or thought we were a threat or simply thought we were bushes. But whatever the case it was obvious they weren’t friendly. Raymus and I stepped forward to meet their attack while Felix and Markus attacked the creatures from range.

They put up a good fight, though I still regret not keeping at least one for a pet. There was just something about them that I found appealing. Markus gave me that look when I said as much out loud. I was getting used to seeing that look on his face. He’d started using it a lot more since I’d gotten my new axe. Perhaps it was just as well. These creatures simply weren’t natural. They didn’t feel like real creatures when I grabbed them. They certainly didn’t taste like real creatures when I bit them. And they dissolved into pools of blue goo when they died.

Fearing that more such creatures may have dropped off the ship unnoticed, Raymus headed back to the village to make sure everyone was safe. He left the rest of us to check out the ship. We didn’t find any more blue puppies, but we also couldn’t find a way inside. We couldn’t find any way down through the metal deck. There didn’t seem to be any way into the cabin. There didn’t even seem to be any openings for oars. The one opening we finally found was a smallish hole in the side of the ship where it smashed into mountain. We climbed down the mountain side and found the hole large enough to fit through.

The ship was even stranger on the inside than it was on the outside. The walls and floors were made of the same metal and the ceiling glowed with a white, steady light that gave off no heat. Though being surrounded by metal and light felt strange, I found myself feeling less confused. Seeing the ceiling that shone like daylight explained the mystery of the rest of the ship; it was magical. My mother had never described magic on this scale before, but the indoor sunlight had to be the result of magic. And magic was probably used to help build something this huge. And magic would explain how something this big and made of metal could possibly float. Magic may have even helped hold it together when the storm lifted it from the water and smashed it into our forest. The ship was no less wondrous now that I understood to some extent how it was made, but it no longer felt as alien.

We cautiously made our way down the metal corridor and soon found several dead bodies. I’d never seen their likes before, but they reminded me of my mother. When her mutations appeared, her skin turned black and her hair turned white. These folk all had dark blue, nearly black, skin, white hair and pointed ears. As they all had the same characteristics I guessed they either weren’t mutants or they were like those crab creatures we fought and their mutations were breeding true. Whatever the case, it looked like they had all died when their ship hit the mountain and they smashed into the wall.

We found more smashed bodies as we continued exploring the huge ship. We had climbed up a couple of levels, hoping to find a way onto the deck from below, when we heard a voice. We couldn’t understand the language but then we heard it echo off the metal walls and for some strange reason we could understand the echo. Whoever was up ahead was cursing like, well, like a sailor.

We stepped through a doorway and found a dark skinned, white haired woman cursing at an empty room. We asked if she need our help. She quickly turned and gave us one of Markus’ looks. But hers looked somewhat different. Her look was filled with contempt, as if we were not worthy of here attention. Then she asked if we were invaders or escaped slaves, which we couldn’t understand until we heard the echo.

When I told her that her ship had crashed in our forest and that we were only here to help, she cursed again and made a sweeping motion at the wall with her hand. The wall vanished and we could see the forest beyond. The woman mumbled something about not wanting any witnesses and pulled a small device from her belt. She pointed it at me and a red glowing beam shot out and hit me in the chest. She must have been some kind of mage, as the beam was hot and instantly heated up my chest plate. Thankfully Cavindel, my axe, provided me with some protection from fire or it would have hurt a hell of a lot more than it did.

I don’t know why she attacked us, but we quickly returned the favor. At three to one the odds were very much in our favor. And yet she held her own very well. I was impressed with her speed and agility, but it didn’t stop me from trying to slice her in two with my axe. She must have seen me as the largest threat, and well she should have, for she kept shooting at me with her fire beams. I deflected one of the beams with Cavindel and it must have stung him. I heard Cavindel’s voice, sounding both angry and surprised, cursing in my mind and then he exclaimed, “Kill the bitch!” It seemed my axe and I were of the same mind on the mater.

Our host seemed none too pleased that her magical weapon had little effect on me. I just gave her my most winning smile, showing as many teeth as possible, and pressed my attack. Between the three of us we managed to corner her. She had no place to run. I expected her to either give up or press her attack in a desperate last stand. But she did neither. This time it was she who smiled. She used her free hand to slap the wall behind her. A section of the floor then opened up beneath her and she jumped down. The hole closed back up before any of us could follower her.

She may have thought she’d gotten away, but we aren’t about to let that happen. She’d proven herself to be evil and treacherous. There’s no way we could allow her to run free in the area. I had no doubt that given the chance she would either kill or enslave everyone in the village should she happen upon it. Perhaps it wasn’t the most civilized reaction, but I found myself wanting to spill her blood at least as badly as Cavindel did. I guess I just don’t take kindly to those who try to kill me and mine.


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