Andon is the spiritual leader of the village that was named after him by its populace. He is a high priest devoted to Malal. He and his people help those afflicted by chaos mutations and give them a place to live in peace. Of course, if they want to fight chaos he is all for that too.

Andon has spent most of the last year or so in his hut. Raymus speaks for Andon. Apparently Andon speaks to Raymus telepathically. Very few visit Andon’s home. Those who have dared approach have been driven back by an incredibly awful smell.

Mutations: Telepathy, Massive Intellect, Horrible Stench

Currently Andon isn’t much more than a giant brain. His body has atrophied to near nothing but his mental powers have steadily increased.

Once people have accepted Malal as their patron the Horrible Stench seems to not exist.



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