Felix Graystone

Inexperienced Mercenary learning to be a Witchhunter of Malal


Felix Graystone
Mercenary & future Witchhunter of Malal.

Base Stats
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
33 36(61) 37 32 37(42) 29(49) 35 31
1 11 3 3 4 0 0 3
(In Parenthesis is after Adjustments for Mutations and Talents)
[In Brackets is after the Free up and after Equipment Adjustments]

Lightning Reflexes (5% Ag)
Marksman (
5% BS)
Quick Draw (1 Ready Action free per round)
Sharp-Shooter (Aimed Shots get extra 10% BS (20% total)
Strike Mighty Blow (All Melee +1 Damage)

Animal Care
Gossip +10%
Dodge Blow
Common Knowledge: The Empire +10%
Secret Language: Battle Tongue
Speak Language: Reikspiel

Healing Draught
Common Clothing
Hand Weapon (Sword)
Crossbow & 10 Bolts
Leather Jack (Body, Arms)
Mail Shirt (Body) (-10% Ag)
Pet Ferret
10gc, 35ss, 60bp


Physical Description
Fairly tall (6’0) and thin (165lb). Wiry and strong but not extremely muscular. Long unkempt light brown hair down to the shoulders, usually dirty. Green Eyes. Long white scar on his forehead and across his nose and upper lip. top left eyetooth missing. Always has a crossbow strapped to his back and a sword at his side. Usually wears his leather tunic, but only wears his mail on top when he knows there’s going to be trouble. Skin is pale and doesn’t easily tan due to it being thicker than usual.

Malal gifted Felix with mutations to build on his personality. Felix has a love for animals, and soon found that he could perfectly Mimic their calls. Trained to hunt with a bow by his father, he found that he was gifted with an amazing talent for marksmanship on the day he killed a beastman with his crossbow. He’s always had a thirst for knowledge, especially when. His most recent mutation developed after he took an axe to the head in a woodcutting accident. He has quite the scar on his head, but as the would healed and scar tissue thickened, the same happened over his whole body. His skin became super tough.

• Mimic
• Massive Intellect (Int 20%)
• Iron Hard Skin (
3 AR Everywhere) (Skin very pale and thick)
• Weapon Master (BS +20%)

Inquisitive, Curious, always wanting to learn. Courageous, hardly ever afraid of a situation. Always willing to travel anywhere if it means learning more about the creatures of chaos in the world. Even more willing to travel if it means the opportunity to slay such creatures. Felix is loyal to his friends, and loves being around animals. He is saving up money for a horse of his own, and knows well how to take care of one after years of caring for his fathers. Felix is known for always having a pet ferret on his shoulder.

Background & Timeline

Darien Graystone – Hunter & Roadwarden for the Middenheim area
Elise Graystone – Scribe, Priestess of Malal
Lora Graystone – 12 year old sister, learning to be priestess of Malal from mother.

(T -45 years) Father Born in Forests south of Middenheim
(T -40 years) Mother Born in Middenheim
(T -25 years) Mother first learned of Malal and started following his teachings.
(T -24 years) Mother gained first mutation, Multiple Arms (4 total arms).
(T -23 years) Father and Mother met. Mother began teaching Father about Malal.
(T -22 years) Father shifted his warden duties more towards fighting chaos.
(T -21 years) Father developed first mutations, Breathes Fire, Strong.
15-June (T -20 years) Felix Born outside of Middenheim
(T -19 years) Mutations become more of a problem. Parents often in hiding. Moving around a lot.
(T -15 years) At 5 years old, Parents find and move into a small village that supports mutations and Malal.
(T -12 years) Little sister Born.
(T -10 years) Andon takes over Village, now named Andon’s Village
(T -8 years) Felix grows, learns about Malal, wants to follow in his parents footsteps and fight Chaos.
(T -5 years) Felix gains first Mutation, Mimic. He often likes to ‘talk’ to animals by mimicking their sounds,
but obviously can’t truly speak their language. He can mimic any animal perfectly however.
(T -4 years) While hunting, Felix and Dad encounter Beastman. Felix slays with bow.
Malal grants second mutation, Weapon Master, Bow
(T -3 years) Felix grows and constantly seeks knowledge about the world around him. Anyone who visits the
village gets quizzed on what they’ve seen and encountered, especially in regards to Chaos.
Granted 3rd Mutation, Massive Intellect
(T -2 years) Felix has a horrible accident, and barely escapes death from a stray axehead that came loose
from it’s shaft. As the wound heals, he’s left with a horrible scar, but learns that he is afterwards protected from injury with extrememly tough skin.
(T -1 year) Felix uses his developed powers and skills to help the village out, selling his services as a
(through current) mercenary and using any free time to help keep the forests around the village free of evil.

Character Info (Suggested Questions from the Book)

Where are you From?
Middenheim area, most of my life spent in and around Andon’s Village

What is your Family Like?
Parents are getting older, mostly they work to keep their home in order and run a small farm to help the community and feed themselves. 1 Younger sister, 12, who is studying under mother to learn Malal’s teachings.

What is your social class?
Low. Peasant-ish, but not starving. Make a few coins by helping the town.

What did you do before you became an Adventurer?
Traveled with Father learning to hunt animals, and beastmen.

Why did you become an Adventurer?
I’m always looking for a way to learn more about the taint of Chaos and ways to stop it.

How Religious are you?
Devoted follower of Malal. Strong believer in using the powers of chaos to stop those who would abuse it. Fight fire with fire.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies?
I have a few friends in the Village, no real enemies.

What are your prized possessions?
Father’s horse, my own ferret, and my crossbow. Felix badly wants a horse of his own someday.

Who are you loyal to?
Unfalteringly loyal to parents and their teachings of Malal. Extremely respectful of Andon and what he’s done to make this village the place it is.

Who do you love/hate?
Love my Parents. Love my little sister. Don’t hate anyone yet.

Felix Graystone

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