DreadEye ChaosVexer


The body of a bear with four arms, the head of a horse but with only one eye, the eye is filled with flames. He carries a large book in his left hands and a staff in his right. The books cover is embossed with DreadEye’s symbol. The staff is also capped with the symbol.


When a Chaos Champion attains daemonhood his followers erect a monument to his mortal glory and eternal power, often referred to as Chaos Monoliths. DreadEye ChaosVexer’s is in a small canyon near Andon’s Village.

The Character’s met DreadEye in the first session at his monolith. He asked for their help in furthering Malal’s cause. When they agreed, each for his own reasons, DreadEye made a notation in his book. DreadEye agreed to help Markus with his vengence in return for his service.

DreadEye ChaosVexer

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