Fighting Fire with Fire

Dar’s Journal - Entry Seven

I hadn’t expected to find a battle in progress. Nobody else had a reason to fight these guys. Nobody else even knew they existed. But whatever the reason, I welcomed the help. The dark skins knew about our village and they had to be stopped. But Markus didn’t seem to welcome the help. In fact, he looked afraid of the guys in armor. I thought that was odd, as he’d never looked afraid of the dark skins, at least not like that.

We headed towards the battle and one of the tin suits shouted out that they were being attacked by more mutants. I keep forgetting that most people outside our village consider anyone different than them as a threat. I told him that we weren’t a threat, that we were there to stop the dark skins, but he didn’t look convinced. He would have attacked us if he hadn’t been distracted by one of the two remaining dark skins using his heat beam on one of the other armored men, who then fell to the ground. That’s when I got a good look at the combat and discovered that the other remaining dark skin was the woman captain. Ignoring everything else I charged in after her.

Though there were only two dark skins left, they were putting up quite a fight. One of the armored men backed away and pulled out some kind of globe. A bright light shone out across the field of battle. The brightness was blinding for a moment, but once my eyes adjusted I found the light quite beautiful. But the dark skins didn’t find it so. Their skin began to bubble and the air began to fill with the smell of burnt flesh.

I didn’t know what the light really was, but its effect helped end the battle. It wasn’t long before both of the dark skins fell beneath our blades. I was about to thank our comrades in battle when one of them attacked me. I was about to defend myself when the man with the globe, apparently their leader, shouted for them to stop. The man who attacked me wasn’t very pleased, but he lowered his weapon. He insisted that because we were mutants we should die. But their leader, Captain Daldrin, said that the Holy Light of the White Wolf had not harmed us and as such we were allowed to pass unharmed.

The Knights of the White Wolf departed. I rather hoped that their leaving without a fight might give us some chance of working to together should be meet again. But from the look on Markus’ face I didn’t think he shared that hope. We looted the dark skins’ heat beam weapons and some pills we’d sent them use for healing and headed back home.

When we were within Andon’s mental range once more he warmed us of a group headed towards the ship. We headed that way as quickly as we could and still make sure the knights weren’t following us. When we reached the ship we found a group of lizard men. There were six total, two with wings. I’d hoped we could talk to them, but once they saw us it became obvious that they had no interest in talking.

The battle was one of the most intense I’d seen yet. The two winged lizards turned out to be spell weavers. I charged them while the others took on the four fighters. I would have preferred to concentrate our efforts and dropped the fighters first, but if I hadn’t charged the casters they would have been free to lob their spells into our midst. This way I was their only target.

My axe gives me some protection from fire. And it’s a good thing too. The winged lizards bathed me in a veritable sea of flames. Even with my axe I nearly fell beneath their power. Without it I would not have survived. For a moment I feared I might not survive even with my axe’s protection, but then I managed to land a particularly painful bite and that activated one of my powers. My body drew in some of the lizard’s life force and used it to heal its wounds. Fully healed I redoubled my attacks and the casters fell. I looked back and found that the rest of the lizards had fallen as well.

We searched the bodies. The only things of interest were the spell weavers’ staves, which seemed to posses some kind of magic, and a scroll case. Within the scroll case was what appeared to be an ancient map. The map led the way to our forest and it showed this very ship. How an ancient map could lead to a ship that just recently appeared is beyond me.



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